Four Roofing Systems That We Recommend.

At Alpha Roofing, we pride ourselves in providing superior roofing, done right. As a family-oriented, San Diego Roofing Contractor, we stand for quality and consistency in all we do and guarantee high-caliber work for every project. Client satisfaction and outstanding roofing systems are our specialties. Alpha Roofing delivers roofing services on-time and caters to any roofing needs. We desire to offer safe, affordable, and valuable roofing services that leave a lasting impression for years to come. From residential roofs to commercial, we deliver our premium promise with our four different roofing systems.

Roofing Systems For Sloped Roofs

Sloped roofs are beneficial for both residential and commercial buildings, for the easy installation process, effortless cleaning, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. All three factors combined to make a sloped roof a solid choice for any building style. Sloped roofs are also practical – they enable rain and snow to slide off the declined sides, which help prevent liquid retention and potential water damage.


A popular roofing system option that stands the test of time. Shingle roofs withstand any weather challenge by having the ability to cover any roof, regardless of its shape or size. This roof style provides an endless array of design and color options too. Shingle roofing materials present a wide selection of multifaceted shingles available in various patterns, shapes, and color tones. For their durability, the price is reasonable, and shingles, in general, offer high energy efficiency with their tendency to reflect the sun’s radiation.

shingle roofing system installation in san diego


For a long-lasting and dependable roof, tile roofing is a great option. Tile roofing lasts for decades and is made of clay and concrete. Because of their heavy-duty makeup, the tiles can combat hail damage and heavy winds and can even be fireproof. Additionally, tiles do not decay or become rotten like wood can. Tile roofing assists with maintaining indoor temperatures and require low maintenance. The tile selection is also vast, with many design possibilities available in different themes and colorways. Tile roofing materials are recyclable and can even maintain cool temperatures within a home.

concrete tile roofing system installation in san diego

Roofing Systems For Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is geared more toward commercial buildings rather than residential. Flat roofs promote easy installation, which yields a lower price. On the interior, flat roofs allow more space for an attic or upstairs bedroom, and on the exterior, they boast simple repairs and absorb heat well to lower heating bills.

Torch-down Roof

For an all-around roofing option, we highly recommend this one. Torch down roof is extremely water and fire resistant and versatile for any climate. Torch down roofs last a lifetime – they expand with warm conditions and contract when it is cold without ever damaging or cracking, and even when they need maintenance, the repair process is straightforward. With their protective layer (cap sheet), these roof types can deflect sunlight radiation and keep the interior temperatures of a building cool. Installation is fast and offers a low labor cost.

torch down roof installation by alpha roofing in san diego

TPO Roof

The name “TPO” stands for the roofing material thermoplastic olefin this style of roof consists of. This has been a popular roofing system option for over two decades for its economic benefits and ever-lasting durability. It is widely used for commercial buildings. As an energy-saving option that is easy to install at a low cost, this roof type is a solid choice for any industrial-style building. TPO roofing systems can stay in good shape for years and maintain their strength against weather and wear and tear.

tpo roofing system installation in san diego

Alpha Roofing is a San Diego roofing contractor that operates on family values, respect, and supreme quality in every job we take on.

Regardless of the task or type of roof our client purchases, we stick to our traditions of prime customer service and elite products. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best in the business for roofing installation, repair, and maintenance. All our roofing systems are backed with warranty protection and maintenance coverage. Our selection of four roofing types is designed to take care of all roofing needs. From residential to commercial, we are here for you.

All Alpha Roofing products are sold with warranty and maintenance plans. We care about the wellbeing of our clients and the quality of every product we sell. Dedicated and ready to serve, we are here to meet the roofing needs of our community to set the standards in the roofing industry. For questions or inquiries, please email us, or connect with us by phone.