While flat roofs are typically used in commercial spaces, many residential buildings feature them as well. Knowing the benefits and advantages of a flat roof may help convince you that it makes the most sense for your structure. 

What is a flat roof?

A flat roof is simply that, a flat roof on the top of a building. They are very common for commercial structures and provide architectural appeal and economic benefits for building owners. They are easy to install, repair, and maintain which makes them an appealing option when considering roofing choices.


What are the benefits of having a flat roof?

The biggest benefit of having a flat roof is the expense. The installation and construction of a flat roof are much less expensive than other types of roofs. The largest expense, the flat roof insulation board is only $0.80 per foot.  This makes a flat roof a much more affordable option for installation and maintenance. With other types of roofs, there are safety concerns that require increased labor costs for OSHA compliance, but the installation is cheaper and easier to implement. 


Another significant advantage of flat roofs is that they can be used for other purposes. Rooftop garden spaces, patios, and outdoor lounge areas all become accessible ideas that can be easily done on a flat roof. Air conditioning units, solar panels, and telecommunication devices can be added to create efficient spaces that save money for the building owner.


Over the lifespan of the roof, repairs, cleaning, and other concerns are always less expensive and require less effort. It is easier for maintenance workers to inspect and maintain flat roofs compared to sloped or other types of roofs. If necessary, flat roof repair san Diego and re-roofing are quick and painless.

What are the cons of having a flat roof?

While the benefits of having a flat roof are numerous there are some drawbacks. Having a flat roof can decrease the stability of a building, but larger structures typically have structural frameworks designed to compensate for them.


Another disadvantage of having a flat roof is the drainage. With a sloped roof, drainage is a natural, gravity feed system that is easier to execute. With a flat roof, water can puddle unless there are specifically designed drains installed on the roof.


While there are some pros and cons to installing a flat roof, overall the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Consider using flat roof experts in San Diego for your roofing solution.