Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is replacing a roof covered by homeowner insurance?

    Roofing insurance is part of your homeowner’s insurance and covers your roof in cases where it is damaged to the point that it needs major repair or even replacement. Furthermore, roof damage caused by general weather incidents such as hail, wind, and rain is often covered by your home insurance policy.
  • What are my options if deciding to re-roof?

    There are two options: Full roof replacement or re-cover of the existing roof.
  • What is a complete roof replacement?

    When a complete roof replacement is required, your entire existing roof system must be redone. This involves a roof tear off – it is more expensive than other our other option, such as roof recover. However, if there are damaged wood problems, they can be detected and resolved which will save you money in the long run.
  • What is roof recover?

    Roof recover involves only the installation of a new roof system, on top of the existing one. However, due to building code in California roof re-cover can only be done when the roof has only one single layer. It helps save money on old roof removal labor cost and dump fees, but some of the disadvantages might be not resolving any bad wood problems in the deck, and it could result in less material durability, due to more heat trapped between the multiple layers.
  • What is a cool roof?

    A cool roof is a roofing system that delivers higher solar reflectance (the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, reducing heat transfer to the building) and higher thermal emittance (the ability to radiate absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy) than standard designed roofing products.
  • What are the benefits of a cool roof?

    Cool roofs absorb less sunlight and therefore heat up less on a sunny day, which reduces the transfer of heat into the top floor of buildings and lowers indoor air temperatures. Lower indoor air temperatures translate to energy and cost savings by reducing the need for air conditioning. Over time the sun can cause damage to the roof, but by deflecting the rays, your roof will deteriorate slower, cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs. Plus, the most effective cool roofing materials are already at the top-of-the-line for life expectancy. Cool roof installation is eligible for tax return credit.
  • Who is responsible if the roof leaks while work is getting done?

    Make sure it is stated in the contract that the roofing contractor is liable for any damages in case of bad weather.
  • Is your company Licensed and Insured?

    Yes, Alpha Roofing is bonded, Licensed and insured. You may also check our license at the Contractors State License Board.

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Out of the five estimates I obtained Alpha Roofing gave the best quote. I worked with Carlos (part owner). My impression is that he is polite, knowledgeable, punctual and honest. The finished roof looks better than I imagined with white reflective solar shingles. After my old shingles were torn off, an experienced team applied the new, plus O’hagin vents and metal stripping around the edges. The clean up afterwards very good.
6/4/2019 Patricia Joy

Pat W


I just had my roof done and have to say I was very impressed with these guys. They are honest, very knowledgable and very efficient. They finished my roof in two days and it looks amazing! The father and son have outstanding customer service and I definitely recommend that you give this company a call if you are looking to get some roof work done. If I could give them more stars I would!! I am a very happy customer.

Maria J

San Ysidro

The entire experience with Alpha Roofing was great! Carlos (the owner) and all of his crew are very prompt, professional, courteous, and hard-working. They removed my entire roof (all four layers) and installed a new roof in two days time! And, their estimate was very competitive – the first one I received and it was the lowest of five! They took extra care by covering the pool and Jacuzzi, plants, etc. When they were all finished with the job my yard looked better than when they arrived! It was amazing!

I strongly recommend Alpha Roofing with absolutely no reservations! If there was an option for more than five stars, I would give them!

Chula Vista Resident

Janell R

Chula Vista

We recently had our roof replaced by this company. We were very impressed with the quality of workmanship, expertise and communication throughout the process. They went above and beyond the roof replacement. We had them replace siding, all of the fascia boards, extra venting and a skylight! Very knowledgeable, efficient and timely. I especially like the communication throughout the project, I knew exactly what was being done before they did it. After a lot of interviews and estimates with other roofers, this one was by far more reasonable in price and expertise. I would definitely recommend this company.

Mary W

San Diego

This father and son team are truly amazing. Great work, great price and amazing workmanship! We have had them accommodate many of our rentals that we manage as well as some that we own. Luke Kensen, house333.

Luke K

San Diego

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